iCube Pokemon & Driving PSA goes Viral!

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At this point, everyone has at least heard of Pokemon GO. More likely, you are reading this post while you wait on the servers to fix themselves and resume training, catching, and fighting to be the very best Pokemon master, like no one ever was. 

Unfortunately, our region of "North America" is not as safe as Kanto. We are traipsing about in a world without Poke Centers. There are no Nurse Joys ready to heal our wounds, and there are no Officer Jennys policing the streets. 

Like Professor Oak says, there's a time and place for everything. Whether you're trying to ride your bike through a cave, catch the S.S. Anne to sail across the sea, or drive to the nearest Gym, you need to "Wait to GO until you've STOPPED." Our office caused quite an (Electa)buzz in social media with this post for the Tennessee Highway Safety Office, and you can see a break down of the reach in the article below.

Team (insert Mystic, Instinct, or Valor here) needs you to keep yourself safe, as well as your fellow trainers. Share the message of "Wait to GO until you've STOPPED" with your rivals, your companions, and the 1% of people in the country not playing Pokemon GO. 

iCube and the Tennessee Highway Safety Office want you to stay safe on your Pokemon journey, so never drive, cross streets, or ride your bike distracted. In a world without Poke Centers, there are no second Chanseys.

This prompted us to create our highest visibility marketing campaign to date. We did so for our client, The Tennessee Highway Safety Office to encourage safe driving, no matter what distractions present themselves. 



The Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) asks drivers to “Wait. Park. Then, Pokémon GO!”

to deter Tennesseans, particularly youth, from engaging in Pokémon catching from behind the steering wheel.

Following the July 6 release of Niantic’s and Nintendo’s Pokémon GO, an augmented reality mobile gaming application, THSO noticed a rampant surge in users’ nationwide social media response. Numerous drivers uploaded photos of Pokémon captures made from behind the steering wheel. This prompted THSO to immediately respond via social media with a colorful graphic relaying a positive, proactive message to Tennesseans: “Wait. Park. Then, Pokémon GO!”

“Our office works diligently to educate drivers, protect Tennessee roadways, and serve the public to prevent traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities,” said Jason Ivey, Interim Director for the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. “We anticipated a potential spike in distracted driving, so we chose preventative measures. With that being said, we support Tennessee Pokémon Masters and rely on them to relay our message. No life is worth losing over distracted driving."

As of March 2016, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has reported more than 166,000 Tennessee traffic crashes related to distracted driving since 2006. Visit to access Tennessee crash data, statistics, and trend analyses. See below for driver safety tips.

We have since experienced an unbelievable amount of press, mentions, and shares. 

Some notable accolades include:

  • + Over 2,500 shares on Facebook, with a reach of over 218,000!
  • + Over 600 Retweets and 900 Favorites on Twitter!
  • + Over 161,000 Smiles on iFunny!
  • + Over 63,000 Notes on Tumblr!
  • + "Most Viral" on imgur!

We've also been mentioned by several very high visibility press outlets:

A few news sources even included us in their programming, shooting the following videos: 

According to's article, "How brands are jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon: the good and the bad":

Our favourite example comes from the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and it raises awareness regarding the increased dangers of playing while driving.

...ranking us just above Whattaburger!


We're even noticing that our image is slightly meme-able, resulting in some hilarious parodies:


If you see this ad mentioned anywhere that we haven't, please let us know!

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